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Q: Why do you offer different types of coaching?

A: Every person and experience is different.  Some people have a need to solve a specific problem or are encountering a unique situation that needs help to be addressed.  Others are grappling with a more persistent need to change something more fundamental in their experience.   In order to open up the best avenue for possibilities to arise, you may need to explore different paths.   Therefore, I offer different coaching methods to support these needs.

Q:   Is Integral Coaching the same as Life Coaching?

A:   I perceive the term “Life Coaching” to be like the term “Soda”.    We all know what it is but there are many different flavors.   Integral coaching looks at all aspects of your life, because who we are and how we act/react is consistent between our roles, there is an underlying current beneath it all.   So it’s fair to say Integral Coaching is a type of “Life Coaching” with very specific ways in which the coach works with the client.

Q:  This “Integral Coaching” seems all pretty “ZEN” or “touchy-feely”    – Is that really necessary?

A:  I totally understand that perspective and can also say the answer is “yes”.   If we are wanting to see a change in our lives, to open up new options, possibilities, new ways to live our lives we have to be willing to look at all of the things that support us and that can hold us back.   This means we have to be willing to adopt new practices that support a different way of being.   And No, not every client goes to a meditation retreat, get’s Yoga as a practice or has to write about how they feel about their mother.   Practices are tailored to the individual and I always explain why I feel a practice is important for a client to adopt.

Q.  Can’t I just bring you a problem and you can help me fix it? 

A:   That depends on the problem, and what the root of the issue is.   If the root of the issue is something you simply to learn how to do – and nothing is stopping or standing in the way of that learning, then I would recommend Management/Leadership coaching as a good fit for you.    If the root of the issues is that something in you is stopping /standing in your way (confronting your boss is too hard, setting expectations makes you feel uncomfortable, speaking in public makes you choke up)  then an Integral Coaching approach may have more value.


Q.  Now that you are back working Corporate America, are you going to keep coaching?

A.  Yes.  Returning to an 8-5 does not remove the option of engaging with clients 1:1.  I am cutting back on any business consulting work and will focus my energy on my role at Intel and 1:1 coaching.   It does mean that I will open up my coaching hours to eliminate conflict with my corporate role, and I’ll refer any clients who might create a conflict of interest to another of the great coaches I know.   Coaching is an important element in my life, and I plan to bring it to the office with me each day, and also work with a small number of individuals I engage with outside of Intel.